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Feb 21,2020 / Research
Central Michigan and the American Chemical Society (ACS) partner with NECi.
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<a href="/new-service-neci">A New Service from NECi!</a>

A New Service from NECi!

Mar 26,2019 / Updates
The New Way to Pay Your Invoices!
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<a href="/avoid-contamination-test-regularly">Avoid Contamination: Test Regularly!</a>

Avoid Contamination: Test Regularly!

Jan 8,2019 / Research
Groundwater sampling results in three Wisconsin counties show contamination from Nitrate and coliform bacteria.
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<a href="/dangers-nitrate-contaminated-water">The Dangers of Nitrate-contaminated Water</a>

The Dangers of Nitrate-contaminated Water

Oct 16,2018 / Research
Consumption of nitrates in water during pregnancy could cause birth defects.
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<a href="/european-water-has-nitrate-problem">European Water has a Nitrate Problem</a>

European Water has a Nitrate Problem

Jul 24,2018 / Research
Only 40% of European Water Bodies Meet Water Quality Standards
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