Nitrate Color Slider App

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New for 2021! Nitrate Color Slider Web App

We’ve added a web version of our Nitrate Color Slider App. No download, just use the Slider with any nitrate test kit from the link. Digital data for a clearer picture of the nitrate status of your sample. Follow kit instructions carefully for accurate results.

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Forage plants take up excess nitrate in times of drought. Nitrate levels can accumulate to toxic levels for livestock, causing slow growth, low birth weight, decreased milk, even death. The USDA’s Small Business Innovation Research program funded NECi to develop kits for wet or dry forages.

Choose the Green Forage kit for silage, green chop, standing hay – if you can squeeze out a few drops of sap, this is the kit for you.

Choose the Dry Forage kit for hay, wheat stalks, anything dry. You’ll need a blender to prepare your material. That’s it.