Grants and Awards

We would like to recognize the resources that have funded our research ventures.

We thank the granting agencies of the small business development associations, US Department of Agriculture, US Department of Energy, National Science Foundation, and others that have contributed to our success.






    • Frost & Sullivan Green Excellence Technology Innovation Award:
    • Awarded for the company's development of a Green Chemistry alternative, the Nitrate Reductase Nitrate Analysis method, to replace toxic chemicals commonly used for nitrate analysis in water. NECi's nitrate analysis technology is more reliable and selective than the EPA-certified nitrate analysis methods that use heavy metal cadmium, whereas the NECi method uses environmentally benign enzyme reagents. Nitrate present in drinking water in excess of 10 mg nitrate as nitrogen per liter is a serious health hazard, especially to infants, but also poses a health and toxicity risks to all humans and livestock. Excess nitrate in the environment leads to acid rain, algal blooms in lakes and in the ocean, and damage to coral reefs.




    • US Department of Agriculture Grant: Phase I/II Field Nitrate Test Kits
    • This grant resulted in products for sale to commercial, government, and industrial labs with high throughput needs. Various automated equipment vendors are helping NECi obtain ASTM validation as a standard method.

    • US Department of Agriculture Grant: Phase I/II Environmentally Benign Automated Nitrate Analysis
    • This grant funded development and validation of simplified nitrate test kits for agricultural samples.


    • US Department of Energy Grant: Phase I Biosensor


    • National Institute of Health Grant: Phase I/II Recombinant Nitrate Reductase
    • This grant funded cloning of the enzyme nitrate reductase. Three different enzyme forms were developed, and taken from expression to commercial scale production of active protein. Two forms, AtNaR and YNaR, were used to develop nitrate test kits and reagents for automated nitrate analysis with funding from the USDA SBIR program. The third form, simplified nitrate reductase, (SNaR), designed for biosensor applications, was patented and has been licensed to a third party, YSI, Inc., which is developing nitrate monitoring technology using our enzyme as the base.


    • National Institute of Health Grant: Phase I Nitrate Biosensor