<a href="/cost-algal-blooms">The Cost of Algal Blooms</a>

The Cost of Algal Blooms

Aug 17,2017 / Research
Algal blooms cost Ohio homeowners $152 million over 6 years
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<a href="/mur-signed">MUR Signed!!!</a>

MUR Signed!!!

Aug 9,2017 / Updates
Attention NECi Customers: the EPA Methods Update Rule has officially been signed!
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<a href="/nutrient-pollution-growing-problem">Nutrient Pollution: a growing problem!</a>

Nutrient Pollution: a growing problem!

Aug 8,2017 / Research
Gulf of Mexico's Dead Zone Could Be Largest Ever
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<a href="/neci-june-talks">NECi June Talks</a>

NECi June Talks

May 31,2017 / Events
Hear Ellen Campbell speak about Enzymatic Nitrate Testing and our Handheld Photometer in Raleigh, NC and Baltimore, MD!
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<a href="/epa-methods-validation-watch">EPA Methods Validation Watch</a>

EPA Methods Validation Watch

Apr 14,2017 / Updates
EPA bureacracy is (SLOWLY) figuring out that NECi's nitrate testing method is accurate, cost-effective, and reliable – well worth the effort
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<a href="/debbie-stabenow-vists-neci">Debbie Stabenow vists NECi!!</a>

Debbie Stabenow vists NECi!!

Apr 13,2017 / Events
On April 1, 2017 NECi welcomed US Senator Debbie Stabenow to view our lab facilities, as part of her Small Business Tour across the Upper Peninsula.
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