In our experience, NECi's enzyme is an excellent replacement for the cadmium column on our Seal AQ2 discrete analyzer. It provides us with improved analytical sensitivity, consistently excellent results for our QC/QA check samples, and superior accuracy on certified reference materials, which we analyze regularly as part of our QC/QA program.

Duane Hunt

Lab Supervisor, Patapsco Water Treatment Plant

I am a huge proponent of NECi enzyme based method for NOx.  Having a degree in biology it made sense to promote this methodology over the traditional Cd and now vanadate methods.  Enzymes are naturally occurring and a truly GREEN method! The customers who did try it reported good results.  After all, we are supposed to...reduce our environmental impact and what better way then by use of an enzyme.

Charles C. Ahrens

Sales for major environmental instrument company

"I found the [livestock feed nitrate test] kits easy to use when testing corn silage and would utilize them again."

Clif Little


We have a sense of pride in being involved with this process over the past few years. When I give tours of our lab I explain that we reduce with enzymes and give them a primer on green chemistry ideology. Everyone walks away impressed.


Manager - Nutrient Analytical Services Laboratory at The University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science

We were interested and impressed with what you and your team have accomplished. You are doing very interesting and useful work in a very creative "can do" way. It was good for us to see aspects of the business and what can be achieved with perseverance, determination, and talent.

Dr. Shiyue Fang

Professor of Chemistry at Michigan Technological University

NECi test kits worked great for Michigan Tech's Summer Youth Programs for high school students.  We studied methods to remove contaminants from water.  The test kits allowed the students to learn about nitrate contamination, enzymatic reactions,and methods to remove nitrate. Thank you NECi for your donation and creation of your easy to use kits!

Dr. Caryn Heldt

Professor of Chemical Engineering at Michigan Technological University

Great Product - we will be purchasing more reagent from you in the future.


California Science Center

Quality is very good.  We have been using this product since 2005.

Research Scientist

Biotechnology Research Laboratory

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