In 1993 in Lake Linden, Michigan Technological University Professor Dr. Bill Campbell and his wife Ellen founded the Nitrate Elimination Company, or what’s now known as NECi Superior Enzymes. Their goal was to create a commercialized enzyme system to remove nitrate from drinking water.

“We got to the prototype stage, and we said the technology just isn’t ready yet, but we can do with our technology is make the best way to measure nitrate in water for municipalities for testing water,” said Ellen Campbell, Owner/President, NECi Nitrate Elimination Company/Superior Enzymes. “Nitrate is something the EPA mandates that you have to measure because ten parts per million of nitrate fed to an infant will turn blue. They can’t use oxygen anymore and they die or they get really sick. So, you have to keep water below ten parts per million and a lot of places in the country it’s not so everyone has to measure nitrate all the time.”

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