<a href="/debbie-stabenow-vists-neci">Debbie Stabenow vists NECi!!</a>

Debbie Stabenow vists NECi!!

Apr 13,2017 / Events
On April 1, 2017 NECi welcomed US Senator Debbie Stabenow to view our lab facilities, as part of her Small Business Tour across the Upper Peninsula.
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<a href="/open-source-article-necis-photometer">Open Source Article on NECi's Photometer</a>

Open Source Article on NECi's Photometer

Apr 6,2017 / Technology
Learn why NECi chose to open-source their handheld photometer.
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<a href="/auditioning-mars">Auditioning for Mars</a>

Auditioning for Mars

Dec 15,2016 / Products
Thanks in part to NECi’s enzyme-based nitrate kits the Mars Rover Design team placed first in the Phobos division this past summer. (2016)
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<a href="/poster-presentation-2016-eastern-analytical-symposium">Poster Presentation at 2016 Eastern Analytical Symposium</a>

Poster Presentation at 2016 Eastern Analytical Symposium

Oct 28,2016 / Events
Learn how recombinant enzymes are used for analytical chemistry and how adaptable enzymatic methods are for a variety of users and applications, from on-site to fully automated analysis.
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<a href="/us-epa-approves-first-enzymatic-method-sdwa-reporting-nitrate">U.S. EPA Approves First Enzymatic Method for SDWA Reporting of Nitrate</a>

U.S. EPA Approves First Enzymatic Method for SDWA Reporting of Nitrate

Sep 15,2016 / Updates
NECi/SE's new test is the first enzyme-based method permitted for measurement of any primary contaminant.
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<a href="/partnership-webinar-environmental-express">Partnership + Webinar with Environmental Express</a>

Partnership + Webinar with Environmental Express

Jul 8,2016 / Events
Help us celebrate this new partnership by joining us for a webinar co-hosted with Environmental Express explaining the enzymatic method for nitrate analysis using nitrate reductase.
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