We're Experts in Recombinant Protein Design, Expression, and Optimization

Our custom enzyme development services deliver reagent grade enzymes using cutting-edge recombinant protein technology. NECi Superior Enzymes develops custom assay kits based on enzymes already produced in our laboratory or new ones. We specialize in the design of reagent grade enzymes for analytical chemistry purposes, but we're always open to new ideas, projects, and collaborations, just ask!

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Gene Design

Custom recombinant protein design from the ground up - based on native sources for improved stability and increased production efficiency.

Protein Expression

Production of recombinant enzymes using an optimized expression system, providing consistent batches of desired proteins through tightly controlled fermentation and purification processes.

Assay Development

Formatting of existing and new enzymes for accurate analytical methodologies to be used in high-throughput, manual laboratory, and easy on-site testing applications.

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