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Biotechnology People Can Use

NECi Superior Enzymes, previously "The Nitrate Elimination Company, Inc.", is a woman-owned small business located in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. NECi's specialty is designing and producing recombinant proteins for inclusion in quantification test kits. Our focus is applying biotechnology methodology to improve analytical chemistry for citizen monitoring, quality control, and beyond.

Why perform analytical testing if it's not going to be accurate or reliable? Enzyme based analytical chemistry offers superior accuracy and reliability while curbing environmental impact, because enzymes are the natural catalysts that exist within nearly every living system to perform specific duties. This makes them excellent candidates as analytical chemistry tools. Here at NECi Superior Enzymes, we develop and produce recombinant, reagent grade enzymes which are formatted for laboratory scientists, automated instruments, citizen monitors, educators, and others. We are committed to advancing analytical chemistry technologies to keep up with a modern world.

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"TIY" Mentality

We believe in providing tools for analytical chemistry that anyone can use. We strive for a "Test it Yourself" mentality within our community, encouraging citizen science, increasing knowledge of the invisible world around us.

Accurate Data

Why waste time testing if the results might be inaccurate? We believe in actionable data - reliable answers that can be used to make important decisions across many applications.

Open-Source Tech

Freely flowing knowledge benefits collaboration, which benefits everyone. Open source technology makes science more accessible to all.

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