Test kits for water, soil, plant, and feed samples

When results matter now, NECi's products give you accurate available N and available P data on-site

We've simplified our accredited laboratory methods into easy, reliable kits for testing of water, soil, crop petiole sap, and animal forage in the field. In a time of ever-decreasing profits, it is vital to test your soil. Test forage to protect livestock health, test runoff for compliance and to see that your inputs are not going to waste. Of the 17 essential crop nutrients, Nitrate and Phosphate reign supreme. These two macronutrients are pivotal to the success of a crop. Too much and you’re wasting money, too little and you’re losing yield. A healthy balance of these macronutrients is crucial for protecting water quality and livestock from nitrate toxicity while ensuring maximum yield. Test it yourself to obtain equivalent data to laboratory analysis without having to collect, preserve and ship samples just to wait weeks for results. Talk to us about using NECi reagents in your ag testing lab.


  • For soil, water, crop foliage, and animal feed
  • Easy to use, no sample prep needed
  • Accurate and reliable data for lab and field
  • Free Color Slider Smartphone App Included


  • Easy two-step reaction
  • Soil and water analysis in the lab or field
  • Handheld photometers for on-site testing
  • Non-toxic, accurate, reliable


  • Nitrate Reductase Activity Assay Kits
  • Nitrate Measurement by NADH Disappearance
  • Ethanol Test Kits
  • Glycerol Test Kits (Coming Soon)

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