A recent collaboration with the Open Sustainability Technology Lab at Michigan Technological University has resulted in the creation of a smartphone-linked handheld photometer.  The device was 3-D printed in Dr. Pearce's laboratory with open source hardware.  This machine replaces comparable devices which are more expensive and are optimized to use with outdated nitrate methods such as ones which use cadmium or zinc.  Last week, PLOS ONE published the collaborative effort on the team's device.

Allison Mills at Michigan Technological University published a detailed article about the recent collaboration, which has spread throughout the scientific and open source community within the last week.  NECi Superior Enzymes is continuing to develop this technology to offer a low-cost commercial option to use in conjunction with our enzyme based test kits.  These will be available with optimized software for Android devices.  The open source version will be available to teams wanting to build their own for water quality and soil nutrient testing. 

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