The following is an email sent by the Sierra Club's Michigan Chapter calling for assistance in protecting the Great Lakes and other irreplacable natural wonders in Michigan. If you are able to give support at this crucial time, you can do so HERE. 

Dear Supporter,

If protecting our Great Lakes state matters to you - the time for action is now!  In this era of loosening environmental regulations and climate change denial at the highest levels of government, we need people like you to help us fight entrenched challenges like industrial agriculture, the Enbridge Line 5 oil pipeline, PFAS chemical threats to Michigan's drinking water and other seemingly endless new threats to the Great Lakes State's most precious resource.

In 2018, there are several areas where progress needs to be made to fight for clean water. Sierra Club needs to be more resilient and committed to stay the course than ever before as we tackle a big to-do list for 2018:

Fight to shut down Line 5, Enbridge's 63-year-old oil pipeline that poses a huge ecological and economic threat to the Lake Huron & Lake Michigan in the event of  a spill.

In the wake of a new hog slaughterhouse in Coldwater, pig factory farms are on the rise statewide, and our citizen activists in places like Montague and Jackson are fighting back.

Promote green infrastructure in Detroit to prevent urban stormwater runoff that has been  exacerbated by increased flooding in this era of climate change.

Protecting the Great Lakes means protecting access to clean water and making it affordable for everyone. During the Flint water crisis, human error, race and politics combined to eliminate access to clean water for thousands, and the cities of Flint and Detroit have a history of shutting off water to residents who can't pay their bills.                                                                              

You can be on the front lines with us protecting Michigan's future by making a financial contribution of whatever you can afford to Sierra Club's Michigan Chapter.

Sierra Club has faced tough times before, and we know how to win no matter  who's in charge if we have the support of people like you. Through good times and bad, we've tackled environmental challenges since the Michigan Chapter was founded in 1967.

Every dollar counts -- 100% of your donation stays right here in Michigan to support our conservation work!

Respectfully yours, 

Gail Philbin 

Michigan Chapter Director 

P.S. As we battle against the most environmentally hostile president in memory it is more urgent than ever for Sierra Club to have your support.

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