Water Phosphate Test Kits

Water Phosphate Test Kits

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Product ID: PTK-WLR and PTK-WSR

Measure Soluble Reactive Phosphate On-Site

These kits require the use of NECi's Handheld Photometer, results are not colorimetric

Quick and Reliable Results, Easy to Use, Environmentally Benign

Use these test kit reagent refills with our handheld dual-wavelength photometer to measure phosphate levels in various types of aqueous samples, including municipal and industrial wastewater, agricultural runoff, and more.  Monitor non-point source pollution and point-source pollution on-site for accurate and reliable results in less than 30 minutes.  

If you do not yet have a handheld photometer, please view our introductory photometer package  where you can complete the bundle with a test kit pack size of your choice.  

Available in low or standard range:

  • Low Range: 0.5 - 5.0 ppm Phosphate
  • Standard Range: 5.0 - 20.0 Phosphate


  • Obtain accurate results within 30 minutes
  • Non-toxic kit contents ensure safety for users and the environment
  • No laboratory experience needed
  • For environmental sources of water, choose the low range test kit
  • For industrial or municipal wastewater, or samples with suspected high levels of phosphate, choose the standard range test kit 
  • Available in kit sizes to measure phosphate content of 5, 10, 25, or 50 samples
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Number of tests - Low Range ID - Standard Range ID

05 tests -PTK-WLR-05- PTK-WSR-05

10 tests -PTK-WLR-10- PTK-WSR-10

25 tests -PTK-WLR-25- PTK-WSR-25

50 tests -PTK-WLR-50- PTK-WSR-50

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Each Kit Contains:

  • Cardboard Cuvette Holder(s)
  • Sample Collection Tubes
  • Reaction Cuvettes (contains enzyme)
  • Squeeze Bulbs of Buffer
  • Pipettes
  • Ampoules of Color Reagent
  • Squeeze Bulb(s) of Nitrate Standard
  • Set of Instructions

For more detailed information about this kit, please view the instruction sheet.

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