Purine Nucleoside Phosphorylase: PNP 2.0 units

Purine Nucleoside Phosphorylase: PNP 2.0 units

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Product ID: PNP-2U

2.0 Units Affinity Purified Recombinant Purine Nucleoside Phosphorylase

NECi Recombinant PNP catalyzes Ortho-Phosphate dependent transfer to ribose with release of free purine base.  One unit produces 1 µmole of hypoxanthine from inoside per minute, at pH 8.0 and 22°C.  Supplied freeze-dried with Enzyme Diluent Bulb.

Affinity Purified Recombinant Purine Nucleoside Phosphorylase

  • CAS #: 9030-21-1
  • Temperature Range in Assay: 15 – 45°C
  • Physical Form:  Freeze-dried protein glass
  • Expected Purity Range: 5 - 15 units/mg protein
  • Recombinantly manufactured in Escherichia coli: Consistent, Reliable
  • Utilizes MESG as the co-factor to accurately quantify phosphate in a sample
  • Small sample size in relation to total assay volume
  • Little sample preparation required
  • High specificity reduces false positives

Stability Information:

  • Shelf life in freeze-dried, vacuum-sealed packets: Stable indefinitely at -20°C or lower;  Min 24 months at 4°C; Min 12 months at RT (20 – 25°C); 1 week at 30-40°C
  • Shelf life in vials:  12 months + stored cool (4°C or below) and desiccated
  • Shelf life in solution:  Working solution in buffer at 1 U/ml:  > 12 hours at RT and below.  Working solution containing 25% Glycerol:  minimum one year at -20°C.

Please refer to specifications for more detailed information regarding Recombinant PNP.

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