Nitrate Reductase Activity Assay Kit

Nitrate Reductase Activity Assay Kit

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This kit enables you to prepare extracts of 10 samples and to assay these extracts for NADH: Nitrate Reductase (NaR) activity in roots, stems, leaves, whole plants, fungal or microbial extracts.  The enzyme Nitrate Reductase (NaR) catalyzes the reduction of Nitrate to Nitrite using the natural electron donor NADH.  The nitrite reacts with color reagents (dyes) under acidic conditions to produce a visible magenta color.  The color produced is directly proportional to the nitrate concentration.  The quantity of nitrate reduced in the reaction time tells you how much active nitrate reductase is present in your sample.

The Enzyme Commission definition of NaR activity is expressed as micromoles of nitrite produced per minute per ml of enzyme (µmol nitrite formed/ min/ ml of extract), in a buffer at pH 7.5 at 30°C.  We provide a Nitrate Reductase Activity Standard (YNaR) at 1.0 Unit per milliliter (1.0 U reduces one µmol nitrate per minute).   You will use this YNaR standard to determine the NaR activity in your samples.

Use These Assay Kits in:

  •     Plant Physiology and Ecology Research Labs
  •     Biochemistry Research Labs
  •     Environmental Research on Atmospheric Deposit
  •     Agronomy and Nutrient Status Studies
  •     Teaching Courses

Note: The assay will not detect NADPH: or methyl viologen: NaR activities

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Note: The assay will not detect NADPH: or methyl viologen: NaR activities

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Each Kit Contains:

  • (4) 25mL Tubes Liquid Assay Buffer
  • (2) 1.5mL Tubes 500mM K-Nitrate Liquid Solution
  • (1) Tubes 1.0 unit freeze-dried YNaR
  • (1) Enzyme Diluent Bulb for reconstitution and storage of YNaR
  • (1) 60mL Amber Bottle Color Reagent No. 1 (solid form)
  • (1) 60mL Amber Bottle Color Reagent No. 2 (solid form)
  • (4) Tubes freeze-dried NADH
  • (1) 5mL vial Zinc Acetate (solid form)
  • Reagents for extraction of NaR from your plant samples
    • PVPP-Polyvinylpolypyrrolidone
    • Cysteine- L Cysteine

    For more detailed information about this kit, please view the instruction sheet.

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