Microplate Format Nitrate Test Kits

Microplate Format Nitrate Test Kits

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Use this kit for quantification of nitrate in essentially any aqueous sample.  Reactions occur on a 96-well microplate provided with the kit.  This test kit is based on the enzyme Nitrate Reductase (NaR), catalyzing the reduction of nitrate to nitrite using the natural electron donor NADH.  The nitrite reacts with color reagents under acidic conditions to produce a visible color. The concentration of nitrate in the original sample is determined by measuring absorbance with a microplate reader using a 540 nm filter, versus nitrate concentration in nitrate standards.

Nitrate Reductase Based Microplate Test Kits are Available in different Ranges:

Choose either Freshwater or Saltwater Analysis

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Number of tests - Low Range ID - Standard Range ID

96 tests - NTK-MPLR - NTK-MPSR

*Saltwater option is available on all product sizes and ranges.*

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You will need variable pipetters, a 25mL graduated cylinder, a vortex-type mixer, a microplate mixer, a microplate reader or photometer for reading absorbance at 540 nm± 20 nm, clean and nitrate-free test tubes, a timer, reagent grade water, and concentrated HCl.

Each Kit Contains:

  • Assay Buffer (liquid)
  • Color Reagent No. 1 (solid)
  • Color Reagent No. 2 (solid)
  • NADH (freeze-dried)
  • Nitrate Reductase (freeze-dried)
  • Enzyme Diluent
  • 100 ppm Nitrate-N Nitrate Standard
  • 96-well Microplate
  • Pipetter Reservoir Basins
  • Microcentrifuge Tubes
  • 5 mL Clear Tube (in low range kits)
  • Tube of Saltwater (in saltwater kits)
  • Set of Instructions

For more detailed information about this kit, please view the instruction sheet.

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