Nitrate Reductase: YNaR

Nitrate Reductase: YNaR

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Product ID: YNaR-#U

Recombinant Yeast NAD(P)H Nitrate Reductase (YNaR)

One unit reduces 1 micromol nitrate/minute @ 25°C. 

Supplied Freeze-dried with Enzyme Diluent Bulb.

  • For analysis run between 2 – 30°C. 
  • Highly stable in working solution
  • Shelf-life of up to 6 months at room temperature
  • Highest Specific Activity YNaR on the market
  • Utilizes NADH as the electron donor to drive nitrate reduction
  • Small sample size in relation to total assay volume
  • Little sample preparation required
  • High specificity reduces false positives
  • Partially inhibited by NaCl and Organic Acids and Humics, use AtNaR for these conditions

Please refer to specifications for more detailed information regarding YNaR

YNaR is available in the following Unit sizes: 
  • 1.0 unit affinity-purified enzyme per vial, Product ID: YNaR-1U
  • 2.0 units affinity-purified enzyme per vial, Product ID: YNaR-2U
  • 3.0 units affinity-purified enzyme per vial, Product ID: YNaR-3U
  • 5.0 units affinity-purified enzyme per vial, Product ID: YNaR-5U
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