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  • Garlic Press

    Garlic Press

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    Product ID: E-GP

    Plant Sample Prep Made Easy

    Product Features:

    • Aluminum
    • Includes Cleaning Tool
  • 50 µL Pipetter

    50µL Pipetter

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    Product ID: E-PIP

    For Accurate Results


    (1) 50µL Pipetter
    (25) Tips

  • 50 uL Pipette Tips

    Pipetter Tips

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    Product ID: E-TIP

    For Accurate Results

    Refills For 50µL Pipetter



    (25) Tips or (1000) Tips

  • Nitrate Reductase Diluent Bulb Pack

    Nitrate Reductase Diluent Bulb Pack

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    Product ID: NaR-EDB-05

    5 Pack Extra Enzyme Diluent Bulbs

    These packs are designed for users ordering nitrate reductase enzyme reagent packs greater than 1 unit of enzyme/vial to bring final concentration to 1 unit/ml.  

    This optimized nitrate reductase storage buffer is always recommended for reconstituting NECi's nitrate reductase for usage and storage purposes.  These diluent bulbs may be stored at room temperture, but we recommend storing at 4°C.

    When ordering nitrate reductase in 2, 3, or 5 units per vial, use 1 enzyme diluent bulb per unit to acheive 1 unit enzyme per ml of solution.  This is the recommended concentration for most nitrate assays.


  • ABN Labelled

    Assay Buffer

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    Product ID: E-ABN

    Assay Buffer for NECi's Nitrate Testing Products

    Product Features:

    • 28 mM Potassium Phosphate @ pH 7.5, 0.025 mM EDTA (Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid)
    • Lab grade
    • Formulated to use with NECi's Nitrate Reductase Assay
    • 100 mL total, packaged in 2 bottles

    Suggested for use with the following Nitrate Products:

  • Mini Centrifuge


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    Product ID: E-MC

    For Faster and More Accurate Results

    One- to two-minutes of spinning soil samples gives more accurate results and can save hours of waiting for samples to settle before testing. This may be necessary for certain soil types, especially clay and silt.

    Product Features:

    • Includes snap cap tubes and tube rack
    • Quiet
    • Simple, safe operation
    • 6,000 RPM-2,000xg

    To operate:

    • Insert up to 6 (six) snap cap tubes
    • Close lid and spin.


  • Nitrate Color Slider Application

    Nitrate Color Slider Application

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    NECi has developed a smartphone app for Apple and Android devices to make nitrate determination easier, greener, and more accurate, all in the palm of your hands.  There's no need for guessing the color of your sample according to the 4 color panel included in our instructions.  Simply go to Google Play and search "nitrate color slider" to find the free app for your smartphone. 

    View the application in Google play or online today:

    <           View Online

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