<a href="/partnership-webinar-environmental-express">Partnership + Webinar with Environmental Express</a>

Partnership + Webinar with Environmental Express

Jul 8,2016 / Events
Help us celebrate this new partnership by joining us for a webinar co-hosted with Environmental Express explaining the enzymatic method for nitrate analysis using nitrate reductase.
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<a href="/neci-nemc-2016">NECi at NEMC 2016</a>

NECi at NEMC 2016

Jul 1,2016 / Events
Learn about using NECi's reagent grade enzymes and handheld tools for citizen science, the need for better data, and how NECi aims to make biotechnology that people can use!
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<a href="/meet-us-aess-2016">Meet us at AESS 2016</a>

Meet us at AESS 2016

May 26,2016 / Events
Ellen's presentation, Sustainable Science: Enzyme-Based Analytical Chemistry and Open Source Lab Equipment, will explain the use of enzymes in analytical chemistry, and the development of an open-source photometer for citizen science.
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<a href="/free-webinar-optimizing-soil-health-managing-nutrients">Free Webinar: Optimizing Soil Health by Managing Nutrients</a>

Free Webinar: Optimizing Soil Health by Managing Nutrients

Mar 22,2016 / Events
WATCH! Maintaining soil health is crucial to increase crop productivity, prevent nutrient runoff, and decrease costs of crop inputs.
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<a href="/pittcon-2016-technical-poster">Pittcon 2016: Technical Poster</a>

Pittcon 2016: Technical Poster

Feb 16,2016 / Events

Learn about how enzymes can be used for precision analytical chemistry in the field using NECi's handheld, smartphone-linked photometers.

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<a href="/news/mur-pending">MUR Pending</a>

MUR Pending

Nov 5,2015 / Updates
Case No. N07-0003 for the ATP using Nitrate Reductase is expected to be published in the Federal Register by early 2016.
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