Protecting the Great Lakes, in Michigan

Mar 31,2018 / Updates

The following is an email sent by the Sierra Club's Michigan Chapter calling for assistance in protecting the Great Lakes and other irreplacable natural wonders in Michigan.

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NECi's method officially published in Federal Register!!!

Aug 30,2017 / Updates

View the official ruling from the Environmental Protection Agency HERE. (PDF version)


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MUR Signed!!!

Aug 9,2017 / Updates

EPA Administrator Pruitt has signed the 2016 Method Update Rule  (MUR).  Check with us to follow its progress through the Federal printing office. For now, please celebrate with us!


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EPA Methods Validation Watch

Apr 14,2017 / Updates

NECi Superior Enzymes’s battle cry is “Biotechnology Chemists can Use”.  We create reagent grade, recombinant enzymes as tools for analytical chemistry.

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MUR Pending

Nov 5,2015 / Updates

No negative comments were received during the extended public comment period on the nitrate reductase method for nitrate/nitrite analysis under CWA 40 Part 136.  The U.S. EPA Methods Update Rule is currently pending publication, and Case No.

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