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Why Enzymes?

Enzymes are proteins that catalyze biological reactions. The chemistry of life is complex. Enzymes lower energy barriers so reactions occur naturally, in water, without excess heat or pressure. For every chemical reaction that occurs in life, there's an enzyme that specializes in making that process quick and easy. An enzyme "finds" its target in complex mixtures: resulting in specificity, selectivity, and sensitivity. The nitrate reductase from plants - our first enzyme product - reduces nitrate to nitrite, a first step in the chain that turns the elements into proteins and DNA. We eat NaR every day. NaR replaces cadmium, zinc, or vanadium reagents for reliable and environmentally benign nitrate measurement, in any lab format and for on-site nitrate testing of anything aqueous.

Why Us?

We've been developing enzyme reagents for analytical chemists since 1993. Our mission is to build methods that anyone can use to monitor water quality, the environment, industrial processes, agriculture, aquaculture, academic research and more. Our philosophy is that these methods should have minimal impact on people and the environment while providing accurate and reliable data that can be trusted. Our nitrate detection reagents and test kits are moving from cutting edge to state-of-the-art. Now it's time for us to introduce new products for measurement of phosphate, glycerol, galactose, and alcohol. And to make all of our Test-it-Yourself kits more useful, we've developed a low-cost handheld photometer that interfaces with mobile devices to analyze results.

Recombinant Enzymes - What they are, how they work, and why they're the shining stars of analytical chemistry methods
Method Validations
Our laboratory nitrate methods are validated by the USGS, EPA, and ASTM.
Check out our free mobile apps for monitoring nitrate and phosphate in the field

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